Step One: Click on the Admin section of Continu

Step Two: Click on the Engage section

Step Three: Click on the Add a Poll link

Step Four: Add a Title to help you to identify your poll in the Admin area. (Note: This won't be shown to your users)

Step Five: Add the Question you'd like your users to respond to.

Step Six: Select the Emoji option for the poll type.

Step Seven: Select the kind of emoji that best suits your question.

Step Eight: Select an expiration date and time for your poll. Once this expires it will be hidden from Explore for all users.

Step Nine: Add an Author Name to your poll.

 Step Ten: Add Tags to allow for easier searching of your poll.

Step Eleven: Click on Style to select a background color for your poll.

Step Twelve: Click on Categories to add the categories you'd like the poll to appear in.

Step Thirteen: Click on Settings to make any final changes before publishing.

Note: There are two types of result options:

1. Anonymous Results - when selected record specific user information will not be record against individual results.

As results will not be displayed to users add in replacement text. This will be displayed when a user has taken the poll.

2. Show User Results - when selected users will be able to see the results after participating in the poll.  

Step Fourteen: Click the Publish button when all details have been completed.

Note: You will be given a chance to either Publish your poll or if you are not ready click on the Not Right Now button.  Once a poll is published you will not be able to make any further edits.

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