Please note: supported video formats included .AVI, .MOV, and .MP4, with a Google maximum limit at 10MB.

Step One:
Click on the Overview section of Continu

Step Two: Click on the Add Content link

Step Three: Click on the Video icon

Step Four: Click on the Import from Google Drive icon

**Note: You will be asked to sign into your Google account to access videos.

Step Five: Select the video you would like to upload

Step Six: Click the Select button to upload

Step Seven: The video is now transcoding. Click the next button to continue.

Step Eight: Complete the following fields; Title, Author Name and Description

Step Nine: Add tag(s) to your content. Click the Add button or simply hit enter to add tags

Step Ten: Click the Next button to continue

Step Eleven: Add a cover image by clicking the Upload an Image icon

Step Twelve: The Photo Editor will display. From here you can make changes to your image by selecting any of the icons at the top of the page

Step Thirteen: Make your changes to the image and then click Apply

Step Fourteen: Once your happy with your changes click Save

Step Fifteen: Select from either Cover Image or Latest Cover Image. Select the alignment that works best for your image as well.

Step Sixteen: Click the Next button to continue

Step Seventeen: Select the category that relates to your video

Step Eighteen: Click the Next button to continue

Step Nineteen: From here you can select any further changes before you preview your video

Step Twenty: Save your progress and exit the screen.

Step Twenty One: Click on the View Content button in the email you received

Step Twenty Two: Click Publish to complete or click Exit Preview to make changes

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