There are two options that you can utilize to Grade a learners Assessment.


You will be notified by Email (and or Slack - if enabled) when an Assessment requires grading. Click on the link within the email to access the Assessment


All Assessments that are awaiting the Grading process can be accessed directly within the Reports section of Continu.

Grading a Video Assessment

Step One: Click on the Play button to start reviewing the Assessment

Step Two: If the Video has Grading Criteria, review the criteria beside the video and use the sliding scale to grade. (Please note, if there is no Grading Criteria available for the Assessment, then you will need to grade on an overall point value. For more information on how Grading Criteria works, see the support doc here)

Step Three: Provide any additional feedback by clicking on the Feedback icon

Step Four: Enter feedback. Click the Save button to add the feedback to the specific Grading Criteria (Please note, the learner will receive the grade as well as the feedback added, when they review their final grade)

Step Five: Click the Submit button when all items have been graded. The learner will be notified that their Assessment has been graded.

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