There are several options that you can enable to setup up Graders for an Assessment.  By default an Assessment will allow for a Manager to grade a learners Assessment.

Allow Manager Grading: To utilize this option, you will need to ensure that all Managers have been set up within Continu. (Please contact Support for more information)

Notify Managers of Grading: Selecting this option ensures that Managers will be notified (via Email or Slack) if there is an Assessment ready for grading.

Assign Graders: As well as the option to allow for Managers to grade, you can also Assign other Graders that are not managers. (Please note, you can utilize both options - a manager and other users can grade an Assessment)

Step One: Assign Graders by clicking on the + Add Graders link

Step Two: Search for the Grader that needs to be assigned to this Assessment. (You can search by Name, Department, Location, Team, etc)

Step Three: The name of the user will display below the search area

Step Four: Click the + Add button to add them as a Grader

Step Five: The Grader will be assigned to the Assessment and will be notified when there is an Assessment to grade. (Please note, Graders can be removed at any time by clicking the Trash icon)

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