* Please note, you will need a Udemy for Business subscription to use this integration.

Step 1:
Click on the Admin section of Continu

Step 2:
Click on the Add Content link

Step 3:
Click on the Course icon

Step 4:
Click on the Udemy icon

Step 5:
Add content by either searching on titles, parameters, star ratings or duration, or navigate through the list of displayed content.

Step 6:
Click the View More link to review course content

Step 7:
Click the Import button

Step 8:
Udemy course information is automatically imported. Although changes can be made if necessary

Step 9:
Click on the Image icon

Step 10:
The Udemy course image is automatically imported. If desired, the image can be changed

Step 11:
Click the Categories icon

Step 12:
Select the categories the Udemy course needs to be associated to

Step 13:
Click the Settings icon

Step 14:
Add the desired settings for the course. (The estimated viewing duration is automatically imported for all Udemy courses)

Step 15:
Click the Preview icon to review the course before adding it to Continu

Step 16:
Click the X icon to exit preview mode

Step 17:
Click the Create button

Step 18:
Click the Create and Publish button. This will make the course available immediately to users

Step 19:
Click the Create Only button. This will create the course but users will not be able to access it

Step 20:
Click the Cancel button. This will allow you to make changes before you publish the course

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