There are two ways you can assign content within Continu: 

  • Manual Assignment

  • Automated Assignment (Workflows)

This article outlines the manual assignment option. To learn how to automate this process, please see Workflows.

Step One: Click on the Admin section

Step Two: Navigate to the Content section

Step Three: Search for the content you want to assign

Step Four: Click on the content item you'd like to assign

Step Five: Click on the Assign button

Step Six: You can search for individual users, by department, location, team, level and grade

Step Seven: Select individual users or all users by clicking on the check box above all users listed

Step Eight: Click the Next button to continue

Step Nine (Optional): If required, set a due date for the assignment. (Select the amount of days the assignment will be due)

Step Ten (Optional): Allow for the assignees manager to be notified on any reminders, due dates or additional notifications

Step Eleven (Optional): Search and select the user(s) that should be notified when an assignment is nearing your past due

Step Twelve: Click the Next button to continue

Step Thirteen: Create custom notifications for the assignment by clicking on Add Notification

Step Fourteen: Name the Notification message

Step Fifteen: Select the Notification Type

Step Sixteen: Select the Audience

Step Seventeen: Select the Channel the notification will send to

Step Eighteen: Select the channel above to customize the notification 

Step Nineteen: Add notification information as illustrated

Note: Each notification selected will include sample copy that can be utilized. The addition of Assignment options can also be implemented as required

Step Twenty: Once the notification has been created. Click on the Create button to continue

Step Twenty-One: Once all necessary notifications have been created, click the Next button to continue

Step Twenty-Two: Click the Confirm Assignment button to send the assignment to all the necessary users

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