Step One: Click on the Admin section of Continu

Step Two: Click on the Add Content button

Step Three: Click on the Workshop button

Step Four: Complete the Workshop Title, Description & Tags

Step Five: Set the Date and Time for the Workshop. (You can also change the timezone for your Workshop as illustrated)

For help with scheduling multiple dates see this support doc

Step Six: Select between an In-Person or Online Workshop. Complete the appropriate details.

Step Seven: Complete the Facilitator Details (Facilitator Image, Name & Bio)

Step Eight: Set how many users can attend the Workshop

Step Nine: Turn on Workshop Waitlist (If applicable) and set how many users can be added. 

Step Ten: Turn on Google Calendar for this Workshop date (optional)

Step Eleven: Turn on the Open Attendee List, to allow users to see who is attending

Step Twelve: Turn on Cancel Registration with Google, which allows users to decline and leave a workshop via Google.

Step Thirteen: Click the Add button to add the Workshop date

Step Fourteen: Upload an Image for the Workshop. Click the Next button to continue.

Step Fifteen: Select the category that relates to the Workshop

Step Sixteen: Click the Next button to continue

Step Seventeen: Select whether the Workshop will be visible on Explore

Step Eighteen: Add any related Workshops that users can view and register for

Step Nineteen: Customize the Workshop email by clicking on the link. 

Step Twenty: Complete the Custom Message fields (From, Subject, Message Body)
Please note: If the email is not customized the default text, as illustrated will be delivered when a user registers for the Workshop

Step Twenty One: Click the Next button to continue

Step Twenty Two: Preview the Workshop. This is where you can make any edits before creating the Workshop

Step Twenty Three: Click the Create button to add the Workshop

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