Step One: Click on the Add New Content button

Step Two: Click on the Quiz icon

Step Three: Complete the Title and Summary fields

Step Four: Click on the Next button to continue

Step Five: Add the quiz question and the possible answers

Step Six: For the correct answer check the This is the Answer box

Step Seven: Click on the Add Question link to continue

Step Eight: To add another question, click on the Save & Add Another link

Step Nine: A new question section will appear. Complete as per previous steps

Step Ten: Once all questions have been added, click the Next button to continue

Step Eleven: Edit the Minimum Passing Grade and Quiz Settings before creating the quiz

Step Twelve: Set minimum passing grade from the drop down menu

Step Thirteen: If the minimum passing grade is not met you can allow the user to retake the quiz. Check the Yes box to allow this option

Step Fourteen: Select the amount of times a user can retake the quiz in the drop down menu

Step Fifteen: Click the Create Quiz button to add the quiz

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