Follow a Step-by-Step Guide below:

Step One: Click on the Admin section of Continu

Step Two: Click on the Add Content link

Step Three: Click on the Track icon

Step Four: Add the Track Title and Description

Step Five: Add in any necessary tags and what the user will be learning within this track. (Both sections are optional)

Step Six: Add an instructor image (optional), Name and Bio.

Step Seven: Add in any necessary instructor notes and social network links (optional).

Step Eight: Click on Content to progress to the next section.

Step Nine: Complete the Section Title and Summary sections

Step Ten: To add new content to the track, click the Add Content button

Step Eleven: Add one of the following: Article, Video, File or Quiz

Step Twelve: To add existing content to the track, click the Add New Content button

Step Thirteen: Select the type of content you would like to add to your track from the drop down menu

Step Fourteen: Then select the title you would like to add to your track from the drop down menu

Step Fifteen: Click the Add Another Section button to add more sections to your track

Step Sixteen: When all content and sections have been added to the track, click Image to progress to the next section

Step Seventeen: Once you've added the image, click on Categories to progress

Step Eighteen: Select the categories the Track needs to be associated to

Step Nineteen: Click on Settings to finalize the Track

Step Twenty: Once you have added the Track settings click Create to complete 

Step Twenty One: Click the Create and Publish button. This will make your track available immediately to users

Step Twenty Two: Click the Create Only button. This will create the track but users will not be able to access the track

Step Twenty Three: Click the Cancel button. This will allow you to make changes before you publish your track

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