Step One: You will now be able to preview all the users before the final import

Step Two:  You can download a copy of your new user list by clicking on the download icon. (A .csv will automatically download)

Step Three: Before final import you can edit any field within the success window. Simply click on the field. A pencil icon will appear. Enter in the details and click on the tick button to save.

Step Four: You can return to the previous section by clicking the Back button at any time.

Step Five: A list of the new users can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon.

Step Six: A final window will appear. You will be able to send out new invites and updated users (if there are users to update).  Select the appropriate option and then click the Import button.


Step One: Within the success window you can view all the new users that received invites into Continu.

Step Two: If you need to download the new user list, click on the download icon.

Step Three: Click the User Management view link to view all pending or active users or click the Done button.

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