Step 1: Click on the Admin section of Continu

Step 2:
Click on the Add Content icon

Step 3:
Click on the Presentations icon

Step 4:
Complete the following fields; Title, Author, Description & Tags. 

Step 5: Click the Next button to Continue.

Step 6: To add new content to the presentation, click the Add Content button

Step 7: Add one of the following: PDF File, Video or Image

Step 8: To add existing content to the presentation, click the Add New Content button

Step 9: Select the type of content (PDF Files and Videos) you would like to add to your presentations by searching for the relevant title.

Step 10: Edit the title of slides by clicking on the pencil icon.  

Step 11: Click the check icon to save the change.

Step 12: Change the order of the slides by clicking on either the up or down arrows. 

Step 13: Delete a slide by clicking on the trash icon.

Step 14: Add an optional text-based final slide. (This can be a thank you or call to action)

Step 15: Click the Next button to continue.

Step 16: Add a cover image by clicking the Add Image button

Step 17: Select the category that relates to your article.

Step 18: Click the Next button to continue.

Step 19: Edit the necessary settings of the presentation.

Step 20: Choose the relevant slide background.

Step 21: Once complete, click on the Save Draft button.

Step 22: Preview the presentations by clicking on the preview icon.

Step 23: Once the presentation is complete click the Publish button.


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