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 The Slack and Continu integration allows your users to view notifications from Continu when content is shared, assigned or completed.

Step One: Click on the Admin section of Continu

Step Two:  Click on the Settings link

Step Three:  Click on the Integrations link

Step Four: Click on the Slack link

Step Five:  Click on the Add to Slack button

Step Six:  Enter your team's domain

 Step Seven:
 Click on the Continue button

 Step Eight:
 Sign into your Slack account with either Google or by entering your Slack username and password.

 Step Nine:
 Enter your details into the sign in page.

 Step Ten:
Click the Sign In button.

Step Eleven: You will be asked to authorize Continu for your team's Slack account. Click the Authorize button to grant access.

Step Twelve: You will receive an email to confirm your Slack integration with Continu.

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