First Name: First name of the user

Last Name: Last name of the user

Email: This is the identifier used to sign into Continu as well as for all Single Sign On users.

Role (Permissions): The role relates to the users permission level on Continu and is a required field, which needs to be allocated to each user record. These are the acceptable roles:

User: Able to view, share and like content and learning tracks
Admin: Can add content, learning tracks, events, presentations, and manage users.
Creator: Can add content, events, presentations and learning tracks.
External User (optional): Can only view content, events, presentations and learning tracks that have been specifically segmented to them.

Job Title: Title of the user

Image: URL link to user profile image

Department Level 1, 2, 3: Departments can be separated within  three levels. (Main Department, Sub Department & Sub-Sub Department) Note: At least one department is required.

Location Level 1, 2, 3: Locations can be separated within three levels. (For eg. Country, State, City) Note: At least one location is required.

Hired: Include Hired Dates for all users if possible.  This will allow the ability to filter users based on if they are a new hire and assign content accordingly.

Manager Email: The email address of the user's manager (This will ensure all direct reports are listed in the Reports section for a manager)

Is Manager: This is a true or false value, if the user is a manager. (This will ensure My Reports is viewable for the user)

Social Link: URL link to any social platform the user wants to share within Continu

Provisioning Status: This will determine how a user is added or updated in Continu.  

Provisioning Status Options

inviting: A user will receive an invite email to Continu. A password will be set up at registration.

provisioning: For companies utilizing Single Sign On to manage users a provisioning email will be sent. This email will direct them to their relevant identity manager.

inviting-muted: A user is added to Continu without an invite email triggered.  This allows an Admin to add users and manually send invites at a later stage.

provisioning-muted: A user is added to Continu without a provisioning email sent.  When a user enters Continu for the first time all pre-loaded information will be added to their profile.

reinviting: Remind pending users in bulk. All pending users on the list will receive a reminder invite email. 

resetting: Reset passwords of users in bulk. All users on the list will have their passwords reset.

suspending: A user can be suspended from Continu at any time.  This can be useful for contractors, external or casual user types.

unsuspending: If a user is currently suspended in Continu and needs to be reactivated you can un-suspend them at any time.

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